Cooking Over My Head

cooking over my head

Joyce’s inspirational memoir, full of photos, recipes, and images of her paintings.

“Ignoring the molecular explanations of the phenomena, seeing only this beautiful tarantella of the water, I gently immerse one strand of angel-hair into the fray and watch as minute bubbles embrace all its surfaces. I cook for the sheer joy of observation, grateful beyond words. My first time watching butter foam was momentous, seeing a pan deglazed with a cup of wine was magic. True, these processes had been taking place before me for years, but I hadn’t been able to see them. All the stoves had been over my head.”

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Children’s books Joyce has illustrated:

Emmalina's Dream

A paperback picture book for young children, written by Gerald R Stanek Emmalina’s dream is stolen by a hobgoblin. She chases her dream and sees it auctioned to the highest bidder, a sprite, who uses the dream to heal a sick child. Emmalina has a new dream, just as beautiful as the first.

“And waking, Emmalina decided to save this most bright and glorious dream, so she carefully tucked it away in her jewelry box. Then she sank back into her pillowed berth, and dozed off again.”

kindle ($5.99) ibook ($5.99) paperback ($24.95)


A paperback picture book for young children, written by Gerald R Stanek, and illustrated by Joyce Huntington. Emmalina dreams she lives on an island. Pixies sew wings on her back in the night, and she learns to fly. She finds herself far from home. Just when it seems she is alone, she conquers her fears and realizes it is all a dream.

“Sometimes, in the dark, she heard pixie voices whispering places they had been. Emmalina longed to know them, and to see the world they had seen.”

kindle ($5.99) ibook ($5.99) paperback ($24.95)


A hardcover picture book for young children, written by Gerald R Stanek, illustrated by Joyce Huntington. Sarah has a habit of losing things. Dippity has a knack for finding things. Together they make a great team, but the things they find are not always the things Sarah is looking for! Or so it seems to Sarah, who is usually looking for her cat, Buster. What will they do when their friend Elgin the hamster turns up missing?

“What is it, Dippity? What’s the matter?” Sarah asked. As usual, Dippity said nothing. Sarah looked where she was pointing, and that was how she discovered that Buster liked tuna fish. That was a good thing to know, because Sarah doesn’t like tuna fish. Dippity is always helping out that way.”

kindle ($5.99) ibook ($5.99) hardcover ($14.95)