About Joyce

joycepainting “The healing light and energy pours out of each painting. Her paintings are unlike any art I’ve ever experienced before. They communicate directly with the soul and show our connection to the universe and all beings.” — S. Thurlow

Joyce Huntington was born in Seattle, WA, but spent most of her formative years in the desert southwest, where, as a precocious, dance-obsessed child, Joyce faced a near-death bout with polio. No longer able to dance, her creative spirit found new expression in painting.

Joyce studied with Florence Quatar in Tucson for years prior to attending the University of Arizona and later studied with Lee Shapiro in Denver. Always passionate about color, light and shadow, she brought her own style to Ojai, CA where she and her husband, Gerald Stanek own and operate Frameworks of Ojai. She has also collaborated with Gerald by illustrating several children’s books he has written, which can be purchased at amazon and ibooks. Joyce prefers to paint with oils and loves doing large format pieces.

To learn more about Joyce, you can read her memoir, Cooking Over My Head.

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