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Out of Chaos


This is a vision of the Feminine energy of the earth rising up. It appears as an etheric red river, flowing out in all directions. I see women walking through this veil in file, en masse. The women are barefoot so as to be gentle on the earth. They are joyful as they dream about their loved ones being joyful. There are gold sparkles everywhere—in the river, in the women, in the earth—and these lights are connected. They place the dreams into this golden net. They hold the net. They are the net.

There is a very special bond innate between woman and child. Every mother knows this. Every mother knows that the mere thought of harm coming to their baby is agony. No mother could wish harm to someone's baby. Everyone is someone's baby. There is no Other. We are one—one river, one veil, one heart, one light. All mothers share this as they walk the red river veil, connected heart to heart, sparkle to sparkle. The river swells, the light brightens as the energy of our mother, the earth weeps for all her children. The original is oil on board, 30″ x 40″ and is now part of a private collection. Giclée prints are available.